5 Easy Ways To Loose A Customer/Client In Business

Welcome to another interesting moment on the business section of Dailyguidenigeria website. Today I will be walking us through some simple but crucial things that we do in business that scares our clients or customers away.

One very factual point you will agree with me on is the fact that it is easy to send off your customers than to gather them. So if you take all the efforts required and painstakingly gather a good and paying customer database, why should you neglect the things that can make you loose them.

This is why I have decided to draft out 5 things we do sometimes ignorantly in business that sends our customers away.

Let’s Get Started!

  1. Inflated Prices :

This is the major place where the turn off starts. May I tell you a bit about customer psychology, these people you see are very smart and when they are checking out your product and prices, they are doing the same with 3 to 4 other sellers.

Now this is not to say that you should reduce your price against the quality you are offering but in most cases some of the prices we give are ridiculous to what our competitors are giving.

The normal procedure for pitching a price is considering the cost of production or product from the market with delivery fee added and your gain included. The problem is just that we want to gain too much most times.

  1. Low Quality :

This is sincerely another way to sending your customers or clients elsewhere. Your quality is your value, your quality is your brand, that is what sets you apart from your counterparts in business.

When the expectations of your customers or clients are not met, they will not come back for another deal. This is a call to becoming quality conscious when serving a client or customer. Ensure that the quality is standard, then they will be glad and also recommend you to others.

  1. Conflicting Their Choices Without A Prior Knowledge :

This is one of the most annoying part that gets customers or clients very angry with you. When a customer gives you a guide to doing what he wants from you or gives you the exact quality of what is needed, if there will be any changes in the process, he/she must be well informed with glaring approval.

You know it’s amazing how we just conclude a customer will love a style or an idea without getting to hear from them with a glaring approval. If you feel their idea won’t work, call them and speak to them on why they should cheap in your idea. Also if the process of production isn’t going the way they want, notify them of the slight change that will occur ahead so it won’t be a shock to them on the delivery date.

  1. Manner Of Approach :

I think it is time you knew that there are different types of customers with different temperaments. Some come to you so cool and gentle while some come to you with transferred aggression from family, colleagues or past business associates.

This is why if care is not taken, you might end up losing good customers. Funny enough the ones that would end up paying well might come with this annoying attitude in the beginning.

The goal must just be that anybody messaging or calling you for your service has your money with them and to get it you must be calm and persuasive to bring it out.

  1. Delay In Delivery :

This will be the last point I will be touching on this post as I will be discussing further in subsequent posts.

When you give a customer a date of delivery, know for sure today that your are activating a programme in them. All their mind and thinking is fixed on that date. If you breach the date, there might be a problem.

This is why before pitching a delivery date, you must be sure to have foreseen the end from the beginning, calculate all that needs to be calculated and be certain that come what may the delivery date stands.

This will give you an edge above your competitors in business.

I want to believe you have carefully gone through these list and have seen where you might be lagging behind. You need to consciously work out your business success yourself and be certain that the sky is a starting point for you.

Please I will appreciate your comments and contributions. Say something, let’s run minds together!