7 Money Making Jobs That Can Earn You ₦50,000 Weekly

Being broke is no good idea, in fact it is one thing we all don’t pray to get into. Making money in this era requires you to think outside the box to come out with stunning ideas that gets your bank account smiling.

This is a feminine job, that is a masculine job is one of the killer parasites eating up most people today.  There are no masculine or feminine jobs, get into one if it catches your interest and start rolling in cash.

In this short article today, i will be making a list with brief explanation some sweet works you can get into that will earn you cool cash.  In subsequent posts, I will discuss in details on them one by each.
So let’s get down to business.

#1. Graphic Design Business

Do you know you can earn above 50,000naira a week as a graphics designer?
Quote my words, I say weekly and not monthly and that’s if you sure know how to play your cards well.

Do you know how much you can earn creating designs and logos for brands and companies?

A whole lots of blogs knows that graphics is a powerful trick to attracting traffics and they want to pay well to get logos, custom music cover graphics, a good about us, contact us and advertise with us graphics..   Etc

If you are a bit creative, motivated and with little computer skills, you can get paid to create or alter images using your personal laptop computers, installed with some necessary applications like Corel Draw, Photoshop, AutoCAD or Adobe Illustrator.

#2. Web/Blog Design and Development

The issue is that this things aren’t as hard as you think them to be,  I personally can teach you how to set up a blog proffessionaly in 2weeks and make money from it.

From this you can start creating for brands, schools, companies and real estates.

Take my words, you can earn 100,000naira and above from this if you play your cards well.

#3. Sales/Marketing Expert

With your smartphone, you can start earning a minimum of 50k per month doing sales or marketing manager for business brands and start-ups.

On this, you will just have to help them manage social media accounts, market them on web platforms, serve as a strategic personnel fir linking them to clients etc.
This as simple as it sounds pays some peoples bills on monthly basis without excuses.  Be wise.

#4. Writing of E-Books

Imagine you sell an e-book for 3000naira to 50people, do you know how much you are gonna make?

A business mentor of mine once told me that if I want to earn a million naira in a week it is possible, all I need do is to find a value or a service that is worth a million naira that I can offer for sale and boom I’m a millionaire.

Take it or you leave it, there are a whole lots of people out there who wants to read about cooking tips, blogging tips, how to toast a lady, how to do makeups, how to reduce their sizes….

Just go online, read topics on things people need, understand and digest it, put it in a language people understand and can relate with and just offer it forsale.

#5. Catering Business

Eatery is a great way to test a chef!

If you have enough experience in this aspect, you can turn your knife skills into a full-time business.

However, this doesn’t happen overnight because you may have to learn the business by working for someone else first.

Though food stuff businesses are quite moving well in different countries of the world, however, it’s important to note that most people don’t just play with their stomachs.

#6. Laundry Service Business

We all wear clothes at least some of the time – Which of course makes the laundry cleaning business a lucrative one.

If you have the right skills, experience and finance to back it up, you can include new technology into this business.

Like using modern washing and ironing machines, a website to handle online customers’ orders; home, school, and hotel laundry pickups and delivery services, depending on your location.

#7. Wedding and Event Planning Businesses

Seminars, corporate events, birthday parties, and marriages happen all the time.
Today, wedding is a recurring fountain of business opportunities.

Wedding cakes, dresses, jewelers, food caterers, ushering job, event rentals (chairs, canopies, venue, etc.), photographers, videographers, printing souvenirs, and a host of other ventures would earn big money every weekend.

Imagine if you can form networks of these service providers and then can offer engaged couples a range of hassle-free wed