A Strength Recovery Note To All Depressed Minds Right Now

Life is hard and it even gets tougher when you try making head way to the top in life. The strive has been since the beginning of time and will still be till the end of time.

The biggest lie our heart tells us in times of trouble is that we are the only one in problem. Our heart has always painted it like our whole world is crumbling and like the whole world is against us.

The truth is that whatever you might be going through in life, you are not alone, the worst things have happened to some people in the past and they have been strong enough to get  back on their feet still bouncing and doing well.

Nobody quits and ends up winning, worries will always be, you think there is somebody somewhere who has no worries? You think there is a perfect man or woman somewhere with a perfect life or perfect relationship or marriage? Big No!

The problems we encounter shapes us and blends us into  stronger and better people. 

Maybe you have always heard that saying that life is a teacher, you think it’s a joke? I have bee spanked severally under her lectures.

We all are gonna get taught and spanked by life but we have to be strong, No guts, No glory!

Never blame your problems on your maker, his thoughts for you are better than the best any man would have for you. When things go wrong or seem confusing, he is just always there waiting for you to cast your cares on him and that’s what you are going to do this morning.

You will get your butts up and step on depression as you take your worries to God. Don’t let anything weigh you down, there are lots of goodies waiting for you in the presence of God this morning. Refuse to be weak, refuse to be put down, father your strength and let’s meet in the presence of God this morning.

I was worried too but I got over it, so you have to get over it too…smiles!

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