How To Know When You Are Crushing On Someone & How Genuine The Feelings Are

Welcome to another interesting relationship section on Dailyguide Nigeria. Today we will be looking at one of the most crucial part of our day to day lives. It is of a true fact that we get in contact with new people on daily basis and get to bond with them just the same way we get more acquainted with old friends.

At some point in our lives while we are busy going about our daily endavours, we begin to notice that we are getting to develop extra feelings outside the box of friendship for some particular people. In most cases we tend to fight this feelings and pretend they aren’t happening but alas they even get stronger.

The question this post is about to answer is how you can figure out even the most hidden feeling growing inside of you for someone and how genuine it is. When you are crushing on someone which is synonymous to falling in love, it is a wondrous feeling. It is full of joy and excitement and probably a little fear. That could be where you are right now. You are feeling something new and intense but aren’t quite sure if it’s love. You don’t want to tell someone you love them if you aren’t sure that’s how you’re actually feeling.

Below are 7 tested and trusted way to know when you are crushing on someone.

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1. You Want To Tell Them You Like Them : 

Once you begin to crush on someone, you will begin to notice this urge within you to get into a conversation with them to tell them how you feel about them. There usually will be this inner feeling to get on talking terms with them so as to get a fine opportunity even if not directly but in a subtle way to tell them how you feel.

When you begin crushing on someone, the excitement to tell them will always be pushing up from within.

2. You Want To Share The Good With Them : 

Another key way to knowing when you are crushing on someone is the constant feeling to have them around when some good stuffs are going on. they might be in your place of work, your church, your class or anywhere around and if peradventure there is an organized outing, party or a picnic, you will always have this feeling of them being around and getting to spend good and quality time with them.

3. You Don’t Want To Loose A Sight Of Them :

This is one very aspect that will expose you when you are beginning to crush on someone. When you begin to crush on someone there is this feelings of wanting to see them always even when you wouldnt be getting to talk to them.

Sometimes this might not be in a physical stance. most times it might be on chats, there might be someone you are crushing on and you are not on talking terms with but you will just always feel this comfort seeing their status and seeing they are online. You will always notice a kind of discomfort when they are not online for hours or days, not because you want to chat them but you just don’t want to loose sight of them.

4. You Accept Disagreements: 

It can be difficult to accept differing opinions, especially in a situation where people are around and you are trying to protect your image. It might even be on a person to person discussion but when you’re having a crush on someone and disagreements come up, rather than fighting to be on the right side with all your strength and strictly proving your points, you tend to reduce your strive to winning the argument and making a fun out of the whole thing.

When you are crushing on someone, you work through these things. You don’t want something to come between you.

5. You Worry About Their Happiness: 

You want them to be happy and be cool as often as possible. You want them to be happy with you. You ask them questions to truly see if they are happy. Sometimes you go extra mile to monitoring their activities to be sure everything is perfect going well with them.

It seems silly, but if they went to the movies and you ask them if they liked the movie because you want to know they had a good time, you might be crushing.

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6, You’re Less Selfish Around Them: 

We are all selfish sometimes, and that is totally okay. But, around them, you shut that down a bit more. You’re willing to watch the show they want. You will eat something you’re not in the mood for because they want it.

Even if you hate driving, you will drive further to see them or do something for them. It isn’t about putting them first, but just not always putting yourself first.

7. Your Friends and Family See It. 

This is a big one. If you have close friends and family, they will pick up on the fact that you are crushing on someone. There are friends and family members who are so very observant of our attitudes and reactions concerning people and they are often always the first to notice when your attention towards a person is getting intense or your interest in a person is getting more than being friends.

If your friends notice a change in your behaviour towards someone and they are getting to tease you with it , you are likely to be secretly crushing on that person.

Now, having seen the above, it might be interesting that we know that crushing on people most times might not be as a result of true love but a product of how you see them or how they appear. Crushing on someone is simply a feeling of likeness and willingness to be around them and consequently get in a relationship with them.

It is important that we know that crushing on someone isn’t bad but getting to become friends with them to know them more without letting your prior feeling control you will reveal a lot about them to you and if it will be a good choice to get into something serious with them.

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