How To Make A Standing Decision and Actualize Your Goals

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To make impact in life and make your living worthy of emulation, you need to make certain decisions and strictly adhere to them.
May I start with a little of my experience at the beginning of this year, I had so many resolutions, I decided to go for a drums class, a boxing training, a fitness class and a web programming section.
I had all of this mapped out and paid for. I was consistent to an extent until I started missing each of those classes one after each till I stopped attending any.
I made a decision I couldn’t follow up with,
I made a determination I couldn’t adhere to, and something tells me you have also been caught in this web.

In this post I will be putting us through how to make a standing decision and adhere strictly to it to get our desired result.

Join me as we kick off.

To make a long lasting decision that attracts result, the following are inevitable.

1. Purpose of Decision: It is a pity that we often jump into decision making without having a deep thought of the purpose for doing it. After I had stopped attending the boxing class, I sat down and asked myself, what really do I want to do with the boxing skill, how relevant is it to my plan and vision in life ?   I asked myself series of questions that made me discover that I had only decided to learn it because of what I have seen around me and because of just a mere feeling of like for it.
You don’t pick up a thing because you just feel like it, there must be a strong purpose for doing what you decided to do because when your physical strength start getting weak, it is that purpose that starts driving you to keep moving.

2. Self Discipline : if you haven’t learnt to discipline yourself, you can’t go far in life. Self Discipline is a virtue you must possess as it will help you make long lasting decisions in life.
Self Discipline helps you to move out of your comfort zone to make your plans come through. It makes you strict with yourself and give no chance to laxity.
If you are deciding to start waking early, discipline says you shouldn’t enjoy sleep immediately it is 5am,
If you are deciding to start brushing your teeth every evening, discipline says no matter how weak you are , you must get your butt up and go brush.

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3. Get a Monitor : if you are going to make a standing decision, you need to start by having a monitor.
Having a monitor means you should inform somebody about your decision, let somebody know you are embarking on a pursuit and charge that person with the duty of monitoring you to see if you are still on track.

Simple as it might be, it sure works.
Let’s stop here this morning and I’ll let you ruminate on this short piece.

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