The Power Of Imagination and How To Gain Positive Control Of It.

I felt a pressing need to talk about this topic today as it has been one of the issues I overcame a while ago and I am feeling a burden that someone is having this issue too and can learn to overcome it from sharing my experience.

Now there is a huge difference between thinking and imagining. Thought refers to a mental impression or a mental process that continues to happen unless it is controlled. On the other hand, imagination is a voluntary thought that is made by an effort. 

While imagining, we paint a picture in our heads of the occurrence we are pondering on, and it seemingly becomes like it’s happening at that instance.

It is a pity that we often find ourselves painting bad pictures or engaging in wrong imaginations that pollute our hearts or even puncture our future.

It is important that you take charge of your imaginations and use it to build your life to greater heights.

Sometimes when you are disturbed about something or there is an issue around you, you get too much in a hurry to start imagining horrible things thereby complicating issues for yourself.

When something goes wrong around you, don’t imagine the worst happening, be positive and imagine a solution coming out.

You got a relative in the hospital, don’t imagine he/she died

You got an exam to write, don’t imagine you failed,

You got a contract at hand, don’t imagine you lost it or fumble at it.

Build a positive and healthy imagination and see things work well for you.

There is also a need for you to clear the ‘what if thoughts off your mind’ 

So many people lose focus and plans when they begin to come up with the what if question, one thing that is so peculiar about the ‘what if question’ is that it comes with negative imaginations and motivation removing vibes.

Always give yourself the chance to imagine good things happening to you. Don’t be negative, see good things coming out of everything you do, that is the secret of greatness.

Living a life filled with positive picturing of what lies ahead is more healthy than every other thing you could think of.

Bad or wrong imaginations builds up fear and gets you frightened at every little thing that comes your way. You must learn to shun and shut every negative imaginations as they come, take charge of your mind and what goes on in it. Get your head in order and examine every single thing that goes on in it.

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