Why Get It Wrong When You Can Be Patient To Start Right?

Top of the evening to you from your best motivation and business ideas releasing platform. Today I’ll like us to discuss a critical topic that will really go a long way to helping us avoid mistakes in life .

Did you know that at different points of our lives, we are usually faced with the challenges of making choices. We are always often confused on what to do on many occasions.

The choice of relationship,

The choice of career,

The choice of social relationships,

The choice making decisions on certain matters that come our way. 

Despite the need to make these choices and decisions, we need to be careful so as not to get things wrong. The best way to learn shouldn’t be from your own mistakes but from other people’s mistakes.

There is no time to be wasted doing trial and errors, your life isn’t meant for experiments, 

>> Why jump from one relationship to another looking for the right one when you can seat and pick one just once?

>> Why try various businesses and thereby loosing money and investments when you can seat and pick one that works for you and stay glued to it 

>> Why make irrational decisions when you can patiently think through and make it right from the onset.

It is a pity how many people have made a negative example out of their lives.  You know there is always this one person Mom and Dad will always use as a bad example that you shouldn’t let their mistake happen to you, while there are others whose life pattern has just been on point because they decided not to go wrong first.

The reason for this is because some mistakes are better not made, some mistakes can dent your life and personality forever. Don’t wait to right your wrongs , right yourself from the beginning!

Below I will be sharing with you top ways by which you can make the right decisions per time and end up not getting things wrong.

  1. Beyond The Second Thought Rule : It is a general term that you should always take a second thought but as it is , a third and a fourth thought is needed. Sometimes you might arrive at the best  conclusion even at a second thought but on the third thought more critical evaluation is made and you are possible to get things right by the fourth thought.
  1. Learn From People : The mistakes others make shouldn’t be repeated by you, if repeated, then that will be the most certified definition of foolishness. I have once been foolish but I don’t think I can’t anymore because I have learnt to watch where others are falling so I don’t fall. Note that sometimes you might slide despite your carefulness but you need to rise, it is not the end of you.
  1. Be Decisive : You must learn to stand by your decisions, don’t just let people work in and out of your life making decisions for you or teach you how to run your life. You must stand up to the task.
  1. Never Be In A Rush : The biggest problem of humanity is that we are always in a hurry, we make decisions so quick and we thereby run into errors. You need to learn patience and take deep thoughts before acting.
  1. Understand Your Need and Your Want : Don’t always go for what you want at the expense of what you need. Sometimes you might not need something but you want it, if you go for what you don’t want you might end up putting yourself in a mess. Care must be taken!
  1. Your Brain Or Your Feelings: This is one important topic I will be taking time to discuss one of these days. It is very important that you don’t let your feelings make decisions for you. When it comes to decision making, your brain must be actively active to make the right choice irrespective of your feelings.

If you are able to put these guides in place and follow them diligently, you will make more right choices than wrong.

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